Save the Date! The Next Great Menstrual Health Con

Save the Date! The Next Great Menstrual Health Con

Are There Limits to Empathy?

Readers—I need your help! Next month, I will participate in a friendly debate at the Museum of Modern Art about Sputniko!’s provocative piece “Menstrutation Machine.” We’ve written about Menstruation Machine on re:Cycling before. In short, the metal device is equipped with a blood-dispensing system and electrodes that stimulate the lower abdomen, thus replicating the pain and bleeding of a...
A Review of Selene: A New Cycle-Tracking App

A Review of Selene: A New Cycle-Tracking App

Guest Post by Amy Sedgwick, HRHP, Red Tent Sisters Screenshot of Selene app // Photo courtesy of While there are no shortage of apps designed to help women track their periods, finding an app that meets the needs of women who are practicing fertility awareness methods (FAM) for birth control or conception can be quite a challenge. As a...

Another Day, Another Shame: Sports Edition

The BODY POLICE just wrote us another ticket. Sweating through our workout clothes, is a big NO NO, that is, if the sweat shows up (whisper…blush…giggle…) down there. The “solution” to the non-problem du jour is U By Kotex’s Sports Liners. Thank you, Kotex, for reminding me that I am, in fact, a functioning, healthy human. Here’s the...

Five Things You Should Know About the Three Vs

Guest post by Kati Bicknell, Kindara Now I know in the title of this post I say “Five things you probably don’t know about your vagina,” but really it’s about more than your vagina. The V Book, by Elizabeth Gunther Stewart and Paula Spencer, is basically the owner’s manual for all people who have any of the following V’s...
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