Members of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research conduct research on nearly every aspect of the menstrual cycle, within diverse research paradigms and theoretical perspectives. Conference coordinators and other Society members have publicized the work of individual researchers in books and more recently, select individual papers have been published as special collections in various scholarly journals.

In the spring  of 2014, SMCR began the publication our own journal, Women’s Reproductive Health.

SMCR also engages in authoring position papers  based on our research, which we present to the public at large and relevant policy makers.  

Women's Reproductive Health Journal



Women’s Reproductive Health is the official journal of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.

It is dedicated to the improvement of reproductive health & well-being across the lifespan for all women publishing original research, theoretical and review articles, book and media reviews, and occasional short pieces of creative writing that illuminate issues relevant to researchers, health care providers, educators, and public policy planners.



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Individual SMCR members have authored a plethora of books over the years featuring the role of the menstrual cycle in girls and women’s health.
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